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Creation of new reality – modern art paintings, photography of modern artists Ket Gun and Ilya Tsurikov. Art conception of their own art reality. See more in Art blog about Modern Art / Contemporary Art / Actual Art / Reality Art (Author’s modern paintings, pictures, photographs, drawings) http://art-21.ru/blog/artreality.html

art reality paintings

Modern Art pictures by artist Tsurikov Ilya

Modern Art by Ket Gun


Gallery of Modern art / Современное искусство – живопись.

Our art project Modern Art art-21.ru allows you to get acquainted with one of the trends in contemporary Russian art of the early 21 century. This is primarily an intellectual, not a business project. We strive to understand our complex modernity, and exactly modernity exist in our creations.

Gallery of modern art http://art-21.ru/ Modern paintings, pictures of famous painters, photography etc…

Modern art paintings

Modern art paintings